Maverick X3 Spindle Modifications


This is a service that we provide for racers and hard trail riders.  Many Can Am factory desert team, woods and short course racers run our mod.  We have solved the C clip poping out of the spindle from excessive force of the wheel bearing shifting slightly within the spindle, mainly caused from hard cornering and sliding.  Our machining method and process does not take material and strength off the snout to which greatly reduces the strength of the spindle in turn causing the snout of the spindle to break off instead of the snap ring poping out....that will not happen with ours.  Larger snap rings are included.  

The price for this service is based on you sending us new knuckles, we can supply new knuckles at an additional price.

Service is offered on front and rear spindles. 

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SKU CT-X3-Spindle
Price $45.00
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