2017 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo

This is the 2017 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo that we built for Zemak Motorsports for the 2017 Best In The Desert race series.

Driver: Bill Zemak

Co Driver: Alex Reed

There are too many mods to list but here are the basic:

  • *CT Race Worx built chassis
  • *Trail Ready Bead Locks
  • *Tensor 32" Tires
  • *Cognito Long Travel Suspension
  • *PRP Seats
  • *Airdam Clutching
  • *S&B Particle Separator
  • *UMP Air Filter
  • *Evo Powersports Performance Parts
  • *Factory UTV Skid Plates
  • *Baja Designs Lighting

Mike Bergman's 2017 Maverick X3 XRS

Mike Bergman's 2017 Maverick X3 XRS featuring several CT Race Worx parts built for KOH

  • *CT Roll Cage with solid doors
  • *CT Front Winch Bumper with upper frame tie in
  • *CT Rear Bumper
  • *CT Billet Front Upper Shock Brace
  • *CT Tie Rods
  • *CT Chromoly Front Lower A Arms
  • *CT Front Sway Bar Links
  • *CT Rear Sway Bar Links
  • *CT Billet Proof High Clearance Radius Rods
  • *CT Billet Radius Rod Plate
  • *CT Shock Valving
  • *CT Rock Sliders
  • *CT Front Gusset Kit
  • *Summers Brothers 300M Rear Axles
  • *Lowrance GPS
  • *PCI Radios
  • *Halo Locker

2015 Maverick XDS Turbo

  • *CT Roll Cage with integrated rear bumper
  • *CT Front Winch Bumper
  • *CT Gusset Kit
  • *CT Tie Rods
  • *CT Radius Rods
  • *CT Boxed High Clearance Front Lower A Arms
  • *CT Boxed High Clearance Rear Lower A Arms
  • *CT Front Inner Fenders
  • *CT Rear Inner Fenders
  • *Factory UTV Skid
  • *Evo Powersports Reflash and Cat Delete
  • *CT Race Worx Dual Rate Spring and Shock Revalve
  • *Dragonfire Doors


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